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Entry #1

And so it begins

2011-09-02 09:25:37 by brandsanity

Start my final year of university in two weeks, and have decided to go down the route of animation... After my 3 referral projects (failed last year (lol)) should hopefully be able to spend some time dedicated purely to animation - and to be honest I'm quite looking forward to it!

Here's to a good (academic) year.



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2011-09-16 21:41:42

cheers :)


2011-09-17 11:37:22

Best of luck, some nice little shorts you've got there :)


2011-09-19 12:31:41

I'm curious - how did you manage to fuck yourself up so much (ankle, hand, etc)? Skateboarding?


2011-09-19 23:49:01

you have promising work


2012-05-22 16:39:31

Good for you!!!!!!!!!!
Just keep working at it and you'll be amazing!!!!!!!